Student-Athlete Focus Groups

As an objective third party, we provide a safe and anonymous way for student-athletes to share their true concerns and opinions without fear or hesitation.

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Are you on the right track?

How effectively are you aligning institutional, departmental and program goals with your intended outcomes for student-athletes?

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Integrating Athletics

How well does your athletics program support and enhance the overall educational experience for student-athletes?

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What's In It For You?

Read what a few clients have said about us and the work we do. Our objective is to help you and your program work more effectively and efficiently.

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Looking for NASPA 2014 presentation resources?

Majeski Athletic Consulting offers a range of services designed to help college athletics programs support their institutional missions.
Increase your program's effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Program Review
  • Compliance Audit
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Athletics & Enrollment Management
Understand your student-athletes' needs.
  • Focus Groups
  • Survey Services
  • Outcomes-based Planning
NCAA Membership
Navigating the Division III membership process.
  • Division III Application
  • Provisional Process Support
  • Self-study Facilitation / Review
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Helping small colleges and universities leverage athletics opportunities to support their institutional mission and priorities.

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