Assessment scares a lot of people. But it shouldn’t. True assessment is the only way to determine if you are doing this as well as you should be. Athletics and assessment has traditionally operated on the simplistic level of wins and losses. However, there is so much more that institutions gain from its intercollegiate athletics program. We’ll help you clarify, articulate and assess your program.

Why Assessment Matters






Our innovative approach to student-athlete surveys provide you with meaningful data to help assess personnel, programs and services. We ask the right questions, analyze response data and provide you with results in plain and straight forward language.

We work closely with you to ensure any assessment project meets your objectives. If you’re not sure what you need to find out, we can help you there, too.

Turnkey Options

We offer these assessment survey options:

  1. End of Season Survey
    This effective survey covers all essential areas of program effectiveness, including coaches and support staff.
  2. Climate Assessment Survey
    This survey can be administered at any time during the year, and focuses on the overall student-athlete experience.

Customized Inquiry

We work with you to develop a customized survey to meet your specific assessment area(s).


All work is managed by Majeski Athletic Consulting, utilizing secure on-line protocols. We provide you with standard reports:

  • Segments (gender, sport, class). See how each segment responds and compare.
  • One-page summary. We analyze and summarize the data, saving you time.
  • Open-ended answer analysis. Open-ended responses often reveal important issues and themes.

The expanded and customized survey options allow for more customized reports. We’ll work together to ensure you get the data you need in a format that clearly communicates your objectives.

Our comprehensive approach to gender equity in athletics incorporates legal expertise with practical experience of running collegiate athletics programs. When our work is completed you will have a thorough assessment report on your institution’s compliance with Title IX / Gender Equity in Athletics requirements and actionable recommendations to improve your program. We can also help you develop your gender equity plan.

Focus Groups

Focus groups allow for in-depth inquiry into topics. Surveys limit what student-athletes can share. Even open-ended questions are one-way communication. Our effective facilitation during focus group sessions dig deeper into the student-athlete perspective and get at the root of any issue or concern.

Proper Assessment Planning

A carefully designed assessment plan will yield results that are meaningful and actionable. Understanding basic assessment design, learning outcomes and data collection are essential. We’ll help design a program that assesses your athletics program in a way that aligns with institutional practices.