Challenge your thinking, re-focus your actions

Workshops Overview

We offer a variety of workshops that deliver results- and action-oriented programs to help you leverage athletics on your campus. All workshops are structured on three guiding principles:

  1. Athletics is an integral part of the educational experience
  2. The student-athlete experience has unique challenges and opportunities
  3. Participants must develop concrete action steps

Workshops can range from a half-day session to 2 days and qualify for NCAA grant funding to help offset costs. All sessions are highly interactive and tailored to your institution or conference.


Example Outline

Sample “Athletics Integration Workshop” agenda:

  1. What does Integration really mean, anyway?
  2. Clarifying and aligning your athletics mission
  3. Defining outcomes
  4. Recognizing challenges and opportunities
  5. Understanding the student-athlete experience
  6. Developing strategies for effective integration
  7. Roles, relationships and responsibilities
  8. Planning for action

Intended for:

Broad participant base of athletics staff and coaches, student affairs staff, faculty and senior administrators.


1-2 days


Presentation, group discussions

Specific agenda and format are designed around institution / conference objectives, participants and duration. Contact us for more information.

Workshop Feedback

  • I have attended many seminars over the years on many different topics. I tend to judge them on several different levels. These levels would include: content, delivery, and pace of the seminar. I believe that this Integration Seminar was successful on all three levels. My only wish is that it could have lasted longer. The topics were interesting and exciting, and we could have used additional time to get into them a little more deeply within our small groups. I would recommend this seminar to other institutions with no hesitation!
    Joe BakerDirector of Athletics, Carroll University
  • Exceptional workshop facilitators take time to 'know' their audience and nuance the program content and format accordingly. I am extremely impressed with the time Mark put into preparing for the Midwest Conference Integration Workshop -- it definitely resulted in a quality day and a half experience for the members of our league.
    Heather BenningHeather BenningExecutive Director, Midwest Conference